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paying forward is not just a sound bite, it is a lifestyle.  

We here at Sarca-tee have developed this section for exactly what the title states, other people's products.  So be sure to look at the product description, shipping, and return policies for each product in this section.  Items on this page are supported by Sarca-tee yet are NOT Sarca-tee products. 

Please  take a look and support the people that have the guts to put their ideas, hearts and designs out there & buy some of their stuff.



This design is a collaborative between Breda Thomas (a survivor of the Route 91 shooting) & myself.  After her return to Chicago,

we took Breda's personal experience and memories to create this shirt to commemorate the people lost & the survivors. Each shirt is made by hand with love & respect. 


DESIGN available in Women's & Men's sizes along with tote bags.

FUNDRAISER: Chicago high school students
raising funds to support victims of Parkland shooting

$5 donated from each shirt sold

wear one

 ORDER SHIRTS BY:  Midnight March 3rd for PICK UP March 10th

Who's idea was this?

We are a group of Chicago high school students that are selling these shirts in order to raise awareness for gun violence and to help with relief for the families and victims of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, in Parkland Florida.

We are selling shirts for relief and support of the victims and families affected by the shooting, Parkland Florida community. 

This shooting was one of the 17 instances of gun related violence that has occurred in the United States since the beginning of 2018 alone. Our aim, by selling these shirts, is to spread awareness of the issue at hand and promote stricter gun regulation legislature.

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