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How we roll

this is how we roll...

For the sake of stating the obvious, the name Sarca-tee comes from a play off of the name Socrates, one of the great philosopher.  We believe in the philosophy that a lil sarcasm goes a long way in brightening ones day.

Socrates may have said "I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think" 

Sara-tee shirts state "can't fix stupid."

Both are profound, ours is just a lil sarcastic and maybe even more accurate.

Joking around and taking friends moments of brilliance and printing them on shirts is what we do.  And we do that with the highest quality shirts and vinyl we can find.  There ain't no joking around when it comes to the quality and integrity of our brand.

Our quotes are light hearted & we hope they make people laugh and also think. Plus, if we are lucky and maybe, just maybe one of  our phrases will cause the start of an actual meaningful conversation.

Don't get us wrong we love our products tagged and posted on social media. So keep a hash tagging, buying and posting.  Oh and we almost forgot, we are a small shop based in Chicago, IL and our founder is female.  Can it get any better than that?

Rebecca, Founder

Chicago, IL

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